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We combine excellence in technical knowledge with deep understanding of differing business practices and cultures across the world.
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We are playing a central role as vital link in the supply chain. Our in-depth understanding of basic chemicals, market knowledge and relationships built over the years with large suppliers in India & China, enable us to source and supply these chemical to large-end application users and small & medium scale manufacturers making value added intermediates.

These performance chemicals are catered to large and small end users globally, either from our head office or through our subsidiaries and JV partners.

Our strength lies in an industry-wide expertise extending throughout the chemical supply chain. The diversity of our business encompasses manufacturing,sourcing & marketing of existing chemicals and contract manufacturing of new or customized products.
Selective and focused business lines
Synergistic product portfolios
Originating from India and strong footprints in China
Strong presence in the African continent
Strategic partnership with small and medium size companies
In-house quality testing and assurance
In-house product and application development
Large dedicated supply chain solution team
Strong entrepreneurial culture and talent