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"To be an iconic global corporate house powered by values and relationships catalyzing commerce and knowledge across the oceans. An entrepreneurial spirit shall be its signature and the basis of growth and profitability."
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Prakash Chemical International Private Limited (PCIPL) is a part of the Prakash Group, a conglomerate with 60 years of rich experience in the Chemicals, Polymers, Software, Stationary & Telecommunications industry.
We are active in international distribution, contract manufacturing & exports of chemicals and have our presence in 8 industry verticals namely: soap and detergent raw material, paint and coating chemicals, flavour and fragrance chemicals, plastic additives, cosmetics ingredients, food and beverage ingredients, water treatment chemicals and intermediates for chemical synthesis. Our people, processes, systems, contract manufacturing, strategic relationships with raw material suppliers and service providers focus on satisfying one need: Every order is on time, accurate and complete.

PCIPL combines its technical knowledge about applications of chemicals and ingredients with first-hand understanding of industry specific customer to bring out innovative solutions. Indian operation centralizes procurement, contract manufacturing, supply chain management and coordination of regional offices through IT & ERP system to ensure efficient and cost effective solutions to all sites. It also provides cutting-edge knowledge and technical back-up to all the sites and customers of PCIPL making it a Knowledge Powerhouse.