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"Our expertise and years of experience have enabled us to develop & execute global strategies, manage complexity & risk and drive innovation. We offer solutions across the value chain - solutions that are simpler to implement, faster to integrate and deliver returns."
SERVICES  >>  Quality Assurance
All the products, self-manufactured, contract manufactured or sourced from partner companies but supplied through PCIPL carry the mark of PCIPL’s quality assurance cell. At Prakash Chemicals, we make no compromise on quality and only follow the best industry standards to ensure you receive our product to specification and performance requirement. We achieve this feat through following capabilities:
In-house independent activity for all suppliers & division’s raw materials & finished products reporting directly to senior management
Experienced team from a world class inspection agency & chemical manufacturer
ISO 9001:2008 certification
Established standard operating procedure for product testing, packaging and stuffing inspection
Hands-on knowledge for all probable quality assurance check-points while working with SMEs from developing countries
Constantly upgrading skills and knowledge of the team