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"Our expertise and years of experience have enabled us to develop & execute global strategies, manage complexity & risk and drive innovation. We offer solutions across the value chain - solutions that are simpler to implement, faster to integrate and deliver returns."
SERVICES  >>  Technical Services
Our team of technical specialists based on their rich experience and deep market understanding can provide our customers and suppliers with a broad range of technical solutions:
Understanding performance requirement and arranging substitutes for current expensive or short supplied products
Raw material sourcing for specific application or performance requirement.
On-site support and troubleshooting
Waste management and recycling
Independent raw material supplier evaluation in specific country.
Plant audit and measures to increasing plant efficiency against competitive bench marks / industry best practices
Suggestion / application development for by-products / co-products generated
Application development consultation & application specific performance related technology issues
On-site support and troubleshooting
Waste management and recycling
Optimization of packing style for shipment
Transportation, labelling and legal compliance management for highly hazardous products.